What is Buyer Persona?

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What is Buyer Persona?

No - it's not someone impersonating someone or some crazy method acting like Hollywood. It's a simple concept where you imagine your "ideal customer" and then represent them in your business

You don't get it still?

No worries. we don't expect you to immediately. It's a weird concept. So let's imagine you sell cosmetics and you're ideal customer is female, age 20 to 30, working professional, single, and living in the city. You decide to call her "sue". that's your buyer persona.

So it's that easy? well not really

There are tones of ways to craft a buyer persona so we are going to show your our way of doing it that has worked for many businesses online that we've helped. We're going to call this process the "pscyho sheet"

buyer personal display

So how do I actually get all the information to complete the "psycho sheet"?

there are tons of way to do research ours happen to be the following sources:


1. Competitors Social Media - if they are selling the same stuff and the same industry chances are your target audience is going to be the same. So add yourself to their pages and spy on

2. Own social media - if you have customers commenting and posting reviews that's a mega source of information to complete the psycho sheet!

3. Online marketplaces - Lazada, and Shopee isn't just a place for shopping you can actually find the product you're selling and read reviews and comments

4. Blog trails - Google key terms that might relate to your target audience and find blogs and use that to enter their social media


So why is this important?

Well imagine the next time your planning your marketing instead of just shooting in the dark, what if you asked yourself "will Sue like this ad?" or "will Sue love this new product?". Imagine how tailiored and how you begin to shift your mindset?

That's it! that's the purpose of it. And remember it's not the name that counts, it's the research and identifying of the customer!

Wohoo so who's your buyer persona?




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