What is a bounce rate?

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What is a bounce rate?

A “bounce” occurs when someone visits your website and leaves without interacting further with your site. Your bounce rate shows you the percentage of your visitors who bounce off of your site.

So what?

Well, high bounce rate is a mega alarm for you. That essentially mean the people who visit your website are leaving without purchasing - isn't that why you brought them to your website in the first place?

Why does it happen?

Well - shocker alert. Everyone is unique and different. there is no one formula to be applied to others. but some common causes is bad traffic i.e non target customers arriving on your website, or your page is loading too long or even the content just seems super sketchy.

How do you stop it?

Simple. You need to diagnose the cause of it. 

Well how do you do that?

2 words. Google Analytics. Well technically it's one word. its the name of the tool used to give you feedback on your website. assuming you installed the properties.

So in summary - stop the bounce, and get some moolah.


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