What is A/B testing?

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What is A/B testing?

  • It simply means you take some variants of somethings e.g blog posts, headlines, images or basically anything under the sun
  • and put in in front of a group of a similar audience
  • and figure out which one works the best

Why is it important?

  • A/B reduces risk and eliminates guesswork
  • imagine you had $1000 on a product launch
  • Would you rather spend all of the money in ONE gigantic launch
  • Or would you rather take a portion of the money, and do a quick A/B testing to see what works AND then invest the remaining on a more effective product launch?

What happens if you don't do A/B testing?

  • the sky will fall down and you will be sent to online marketing hell
  • Just kidding!
  • nothing happens, it's just missed opportunity

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