What in online traffic?

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What in the world is traffic?

No - it's not the traffic on the road. but you can imagine online traffic somewhat similar. The difference? instead of cars, you have internet users.

So when you say drive traffic to your website

It simply means driving more internet users to browse your website.

So the more the traffic the better?

Not really - not all traffic is created equal. Yes! some are good traffic and some are well not so good.

So what's good traffic?

Simple - if it converts to purchase or something useful to you then it's good for you! If it isn't, then it's probably bad traffic. it depends on your context

So how do I know the traffic I'm getting is good or bad?

Check your sales. is your sales spiking? then woohoo! congrats! If not then you're attracting the wrong crowd to your store. Either find a way to get them to buy or target a different crowd.

so that's pretty much it, you're now a traffic guru!

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