The [No Bullsh*it] Guide to Marketing Strategy That Will Make Your Dreams [Almost] Come True

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Pop quiz time:

 Which one sounds better:

  1. We’re going to share a marketing tip that will help you grow faster
  2. We’re going to share a marketing strategy that will help you grow faster

You know the word “strategy” is now a buzzword. Almost everyone uses it everywhere. It almost makes you sound really intelligent and bestows you instant credibility beyond your wildest dreams.

What’s the difference between a strategy, goal, and tactic?

But let’s break it down a little - what in the world does strategy even mean? And how is it different from a “goal” or “tactic”.  We’ve stopped years of confusion in seconds.

marketing strategy display of goals,tactics and strategy


In summary, goals are an overarching target you want to achieve. Strategies are the “what” you’re going to do to achieve that goal and tactics are “the how” are you going to make the strategy into a reality

So what is a marketing strategy?

It’s simply a plan that helps you achieve your marketing goals. Yes it’s as simple as that! But wait a minute don’t get confused with all those things jargons like “digital marketing strategy” or “email marketing strategy”. These are just specific types of strategies that are intended to support the overall marketing strategy. That’s it!

So what makes a good marketing strategy?

It works! That’s it. A good marketing strategy is not the one with the largest justification or numbers. It’s simply the one that works to achieve your goal the fastest and cost-effective way possible. So who cares if your marketing strategy isn’t done by some self-proclaimed social media guru - if it works, it’s good that’s it, case closed.




So what makes a “bad” marketing strategy?

On the flip side, what makes a bad marketing strategy? We could point out some key attributes:

marketing strategy tips on bad marketing strategy markers

So how do you prevent a “bad marketing strategy”?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is my goal - can I articulate is using SMART method?
  2. Fill in the blank: if I do [ insert strategy] will I achieve [insert goal] - if it isn’t a clear cut yes you’re lost?
  3. If everything went well and I got lucky - would my target be achievable? If it isn’t then you’re too ambitious and wishful


So it’s time how do you create a marketing strategy?

Here is the five killer step to help you get started:

the five steps for killer marketing strategy#1 Build a buyer persona

If you’re still confused about the whole concept of buyer persona - you can watch our 60 second primer on buyer persona and an in detail concept of a “psycho sheet” we spoke about in our previous blog.


In a nutshell - a buyer persona simply means you represent your ideal customer in a fictional way to help guide your decision making. 


For example, if you’re selling an online course on how to cut your cat’s nails without hurting them then your ideal buyer persona:


  1. Woman (not sexist)
  2. Aged 30 to 40
  3. Lives in the city
  4. Has cats
  5. Buys catfood frequently
  6. Fears: cats getting hurt during grooming session
  7. Goals: ensure cats get a nail grooming without scratching the furniture or her


Now let’s name this fictional person as Sue. Yes Sue because why not. Now everything from now ask yourself “will this help Sue?”. That’s the single biggest question that will guide your marketing strategy from now on. Simple but lethal

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