The Hungry Tapir - How did they go from worrying to winning?

Some business owners say that "COVID19" is an "armageddon" to their business. So I was curious to see is that really the case? Could a brand new business still thrive despite what's going on? Turns out I found one that did: 


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  • This mother- daughter combo were avid plant based diet supporters
  • When their dream shop lot opened up in a heritage site, they jumped on the opportunity
  • The Hungry Tapir officially started in January 2020 and within days the place was full house.
  • Unfortunately, things changed. COVID19 struck and things were never the same.
  • Despite that, the hungry tapir gained thousands of social media followers and served hundreds of customers all within months
  • So, how did the founders go from worrying to winning?
  • We interview Markissa the co founder to find out
  • What’s something you found useful having your own storefront?
  • “Your own storefront you get to control and change instantly any menu that fits the business”
  • “Also, the commission rate is way lesser than riding on marketplaces”
  • “So we leverage marketplaces but try our best to push orders to our store front”
  • Is there anything you found “not helpful” about having your own storefront?
  • “Customers have to spend time inputting card details each time and OTP for verification”
  • “Compared to marketplaces, buying is faster”
  • You invest a lot on social media marketing - what’s ONE thing you’ve learned?
  • “It’s super important to optimize to targeted audience”
  • “Find the correct demographics, location, and area radius”
  • “Monitor engagement by week and change budgets”
  • What’s one thing you’ve learned about your customers?
  • “They like the ambiance of our place and heritage of our place”
  • “That’s why we exposed the bricks and showed the high ceilings of the heritage building”
  • If you could go back in time when you first started, what advice would you give yourself?
  • “We opened really fast with a limited menu”
  • “Having a limited menu limits returning customers’s expectations”
  • “So we’ve learned not to speed up marketing ahead of our pace”
  • Social distance dine in for hungry tapir is now open for business
  • What are you waiting for? Time to taste a slice of history! :)
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