[Step by Step Method]: Create A Digital Marketing Strategy Even If You Have Zero Knowledge About How To

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[Step by Step Method]: Create a digital marketing strategy even if you have ZERO knowledge

“I am not doing enough digital marketing and do not have enough knowledge about it”


“Honestly I'm just terrible at marketing HAHA”

If we had one ringgit, every time we heard entrepreneurs say these comments we’d probably be on Forbes richest list by now. (don’t worry, we’re on our way - we wish!).

We’re gonna do three things:

  1. Get over that mental barrier that you are forever going to be left behind
  2. Show you big picture concepts on how to create your strategy
  3. Show you some step-by-step method to do it


#1: Overcome that mental barrier that you told yourself

Oh my god, you’ll never ever be good and you’re better off hiring someone else to do it.

The truth is the whole concept of “digital marketing” is now a bunch of confusing mambo jumbo that cause people otherwise confident to question their ability. How did this happen? 

Well, you may blame the rise of all those social media gurus online who make digital marketing look so hard that it's almost impossible for you to do it.

 So listen close, here is the truth that many people don’t know:

Almost all of the key digital marketing tools like Facebook, Google Ads, and Shopify employ brilliant, talented, and extremely highly paid designers(think 6 figures) whose only purpose is to make their products easy to use

So….really? How hard can it be if you see kids using Facebook ads to make money these days and YOU who’ve literally gone through hell to make ends meet can’t?

So do yourself a favor, stop self-sabotaging yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you’ll be the expert master of all things advertising in the next 24 hours BUT I am saying that it is possible (in fact very possible) that you can be proficient enough to actually run and do your own digital marketing.

The next time you have this fear: ask yourself - “How long do you intend to be scared? For the rest of your life?”


#2: The big picture concept on how to create your own kick-ass digital marketing

digital marketing strategy framework for online sellers


So what in the world is a digital marketing strategy?

Simply it means your own “mini-plan” to achieve your “marketing goals”.

Alright let us break things down:

Marketing goals: increase more sales on your website from $100/day to $200/day in 3 months. If you want to know on how to create great goals - create SMART goals

Mini plan is the strategy part to make the marketing goals you have planned above to come to reality instead of just being wishful.

Alright, now there are 5 basic components of a good digital marketing strategy. And before you go around asking why 5 - understand there are tons of frameworks and different strategies out there that could help you. For the purpose of this site, we want to keep things slightly more simple and clear cut.


#1. Setting realistic goals and outcomes

Rephrased it simply means don’t aim for the impossible. Doubling your $100/day sales to $200/day in 6 months is logical but doing it in 6 minutes might be a little too well dramatic (even for us).

So what’s realistic and what’s not? Simple - no clear cut rule. But you would have a “gut feeling” that makes your goals seem somewhat possible yet not easy. This is the sweet spot, so stick with it.

When in doubt, follow the SMART method to come up with your goals.

S- Specific M - Measurable  A- Attainable R- Realistic T - Time bound


# 2. Know and reach your target audience.

This is important so pay attention. What does “knowing your audience means”?

No, it’s not knowing the uncle’s name that comes to your store once a month to buy the soap he likes. It’s knowing his pains, fears, hopes, and his obstacles to achieve what he wants. We call this “the psycho sheet”

Okay okay okay, calm down - we’ll work through this together.

Let’s say you’re selling soap online. Here is an example of what the “psycho sheet” could look like.

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