Social Media Marketing: 6 Power Moves To Rock Your Sales [Review]

“I’ve spend lots of money on social media but I’m not sure what’s wrong”

“Maybe social media isn’t for me”

“It’s very complicated”

Throughout working with many people and helping them grow their business, I’ve learned two things:

  1. People want to learn about social media marketing
  2. People are confused on how to really leverage social media to power their sales


The solution? Let us share 6 things about social media marketing that will rock your sales.


#1 Easy customers eventually dry up

A simple analogy is picking the low hanging fruits on a tree. Eventually all the easy pickings are gone and you’re left with harder and more complicated challenges.

In this case, customers who are likely to buy from your one single advertisement running on repeat will eventually decline leaving you to feel as if social media is no longer working.

The truth is however, that “easy targets” are not forever, so understand that it is expected that your cost per click will increase and marketing spend will increase as Facebook starts targeting harder customers.

So remember – $5 dollar today, will not return the same number of clicks as when you first started.



#2 A single hit approach won’t work

Imagine this – say you’re waiting in traffic and a young seller carries around a board saying “buy our pickles for $5”. If he’s only there once, and you happen to drive in the same road once – the chances of you buying is pretty low.

Let’s flip it – say every time your driving regardless of the road you select, the pickle seller is always there waiting for you to buy from him. Now what are the chances of you buying it from him? Definitely better than your one-hit-wonder.

Accoding to CXL, the key is being available over and over again so that you grab a piece of “attention” in the minds of your customer. Lucky for us, Facebook is the master of remarketing and now through a series of simple clicks you get to strategically place yourself in front of the same customer over and over again for just cents.

So why not use it?



#3 Not all people who visit your website are equal

Say you have two guys who visited your website:

  1. Guy A – visits your website, and within seconds leaves your page
  2. Guy B – visits your website, watches your videos for a good 10 minutes, and clicks other pages and finally leaves

Who do you think is likely to be a customer? Hint: Guy B.

The truth is, remarketing be a giant waste of money when you don’t know how to use it. In this case, remarketing it to Guy A will not likely help you.

Facebook despite all it’s greatness does have its flaws when it comes to remarketing. It tends to equate all people that visit your website as potential clients to be remarketed – better safe than sorry I guess?

That’s why you have to explicitly pick candidates who are likely to convert and chose them for your remarketing campaigns



#4 Keep your funnel fresh, always

As you keep targeting the same group of people, and remarket to them you start to squeeze out potential customers and end up drying the funnel.

That’s why it’s key to always keep expanding your target audience to test which segment is likely to “bite” or leave.

A good rule of thumb is adding new targeting every month to test out. For example, if you’re a baby product seller, targeting mothers with kids might work, but eventually you want to test out grandmothers or grandfathers who want to buy gifts for their children.

Consistently testing out and marketing to new groups will keep your funnel fresh.

Is there a limit to it? Of course – eventually your product will reach it’s decline stage. The key is to keep innovating and finding new products that will help reach move audience.



#5 Leverage other platforms

Facebook might be a good platform but it isn’t the “only” platform out there. Experimenting with other social media channels or even Google Search can be a great way to find new customers that are likely to convert.

The key is not to be stuck in a single channel and put all your money in it. For simple reasons: no one is always active on Facebook. Some people are more active in different channels e.g Twitter or Youtube.

Finding them on channels that they are likely to be active on is key to getting more leads. So the best case is to ensure you are always expanding within means to find new targets


#6 BELT method can help you drive things

A way to visualize funnel is by using the BELT method to drive customers from one funnel to another.

B- Belief. Find or create contents that will help you engage your customer’s beliefs. For example, if you’re selling an ecofriendly product, videos about environments or impacts of plastic on human can be a good belief signaling content.

E- Engage. Retarget the same group of people who engaged with the belief portion and this time share the benefits of your products or features that can help you win them over

L – Lead. Now that you’ve targeted their belief, and share details about your product, it’s time to offer them a sweet deal or buying nudge to let them transact with you

T – Transaction. Make things easy for them, help them direct to ensure an effortless buying from you.

In summary, understanding that people decide on their purchases through a series of journey will help you be a more savy marketer.



In summary – now that you know how to rock your social media marketing, how are you going to use it?


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