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Annie founder of sweet tooth macaroons

It all begun when...

Multiple times a week, Annie and Waie  would head to the kitchen trying to bake different things in order to indulge themselves in their hobby. To them, baking wasn't just a chore, it was a hobby which they gave themselves to.

Things changed quickly when they came across their first macarons. Something about those macarons attracted them deeply. Curious, and passionate they decided to try to bake some macarons themself. 

Little did they know, those tiny apparently simple macarons were anything but simple. To perfect macarons, one not only needs to get the right ingredients together but mixed them together to a precision that could rival german level engineering. 

But it didn't stop there

Batches and batches of failure later, they finally perfected their macarons. Overwhelmed by joy, they gave away most of their macarons to their family and friends. A couple of days later, they received their first order - that was the beginning of Sweet Tooth Macarons.

Fast forward, they has sold more than 40,000 macarons and served thousands of customers from their hometown in Kuantan, Malaysia throughout the years

How did Annie go from failing to blazing? we interview co -founder Annie to find out:


1. What made you wanna start Sweet Tooth? Any personal story that made you take that "leap"?

Well, going back to the very beginning when it all started with a hobby in baking. We love baking, we would do it a few times a week. And then we came across macaron, which we failed and failed and failed. So we kept baking and baking. From researching, experimenting to recipes tweaking, testing. You could not imagine how happy we were having the first successful batch of macarons from the oven! We gave away all the macarons we baked to our friends and family. Then, there was our very first order from a dear friend. From there, we started Sweet Tooth Macarons. 
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2. What about macarons that made you want to keep perfecting it?

Back then we did not know that the simpler the recipe (as in the less ingredients needed), the harder to bake. Well it was right! Macarons ingredients are just almond flour, egg whites and sugar! And it was one of the hardest desserts to make. To get the perfect "feet", the smooth surface, the fullness of the shells, all you have to do is hard work

3. What's ONE thing you tried to grow your customer that worked really well?

Good product photos. Today, people eat with their eyes first. So, a good photo is crucial to attracting customers.
macaroon delivery kl

4. What's ONE thing you tried to grow your customer BUT DIDN"T WORK so well?

We would say on-ground events. We had joined several on-ground events and bazaars at shopping malls, exhibitions, etc. The outcome was not as expected. We believe it is a different game if you are to sell your product on-ground which we have to improve on.

5. What's the biggest challenge you've faced so far throughout your business and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge so far would be logistics. As we are based in Kuantan, it is challenging for us to deliver to other states with a product that is fragile and is needed to be refrigerated. For now, we are delivering by hand to KL on specific dates. Hopefully, in the future, there will be a more sufficient way to deliver our products to the customers nationwide. :)

6. You have your own website - do you use online marketing? if yes - what are some tips and tricks that work online? 

We just started our website last year. It was basically a simple platform where our customers could get a clearer picture of who we are and what we are offering. It is also like a catalog of products that customers could view before ordering. Yes, we do online marketing. A good photo and a good content make a difference when it comes to online marketing. Everybody loves stories, no matter if it's about you, your brand, your products, or other interesting stories.
Macaroons in KL

7. What made you wanna have a website and does it really help? do you do anything with online data e.g emails and etc that help you get customers?

For a business like us which focuses on personalisation and customisation, we tend to spend a lot of time liaising with the customers on their requests. So having a website definitely helps the customers to understand more on our products before placing an order. It also helps us to get higher efficiency in customer liaison. So far, our platform to get customers is mostly from social media


8. If you could go back in time when you first started your business what would you differently?

Well our business is still considered new in comparison with the other players who are already up and running for decades. So if we would really have to think of a thing to do differently, we think we would start our website way sooner to have higher efficiency in many ways.

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