Sell & Tell #4: Lawrence From Zero to Hero

How did this 50 year old business who had zero knowledge on e-commerce go from zero to hero by building his own online store and making more than $10,000 in sales? We interview him to find out


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  1. Lawrence was running a successful business in the USA before he wanted a change
  2. In 2018, he sold his business and moved to Malaysia
  3. Despite no e-commerce skill, Lawrence decided to learn everything on his own
  4. Today, his first online business brings in more than $10,000 in sales
  5. How did this 50-year old go from zero to hero?
  6. We interview Lawrence to learn more
  7. At 50 years old not many people would pick up e-commerce skills from scratch, what was the hardest part?
  8. The toughest part is figuring out how to start. There are so many jargon out there. 
  9. As a newbie I was confused. The key is to don’t give up
  10. Your brand sells exclusively on a shopify store and not marketplaces, why?
  11. When customer visit your shopify store, you can squeeze the email contact from them. 
  12. Then over time you may have hundreds of emails to offer sales and deals 
  13. The lifetime value of a customer is several times more than just a sale. 
  14. You can’t do this with marketplaces
  15. What’s a good strategy to grow sales from your experience?
  16. Initially, I researched niche keywords and use Google Ads to drive traffic. Slowly, people started visiting the site organically
  17. What’s the biggest mistake you think a lot of people make when starting their business?
  18. Don’t focus on chasing money. You’ll be stressed and lose sight of learning. 
  19. Instead focus on learning and getting better
  20. What’s one advise you’d give SMEs like you?
  21. Have an open mind and find ways to adapt.
  22. Lawrence now hopes to motivate more entrepreneurs to retire in Malaysia through his new book
  23. What are you waiting for? Time to get read :)
  24. For more information on Lawrence email


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