Lave Republic : Hoping to Winning the Shampoo Bar Game in Malaysia

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Sue was a chemist in a cosmetic company.

As years went by, she noticed more and more of cosmetic producers tend to advertise their products with misleading claims.


That's when she started to feel the urge to do something about it.


In 2015, Sue created Lave Republic - with the hopes of creating a truthful and honest brand to help educate the public on safe ingredients.


Fast forward, Lave republic has been featured on, Vulcan Post and endorsed by celebrities.


So how did Sue go from just hoping to actually winning?

Why did you start Lave Republic?


As a chemist I consider myself a “bridge” between the mass consumer and manufacturers


Working many years, I noticed many products out there had misleading claims confusing consumers


Some products even claim miraculous cures.


I was worried if this goes on, consumers will never hold brands accountable


I wanted to create a brand from the lens of a chemist


It’ll be truthful, and transparent to educate the public





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What was the biggest challenge you faced scaling your business?


I’m not marketing savvy. I’m more of a product person.


So in the beginning I tried to do everything and it just wasn’t working out. 


So I recognized I needed help and let the right people with the right skills help me.


And true enough, things changed fast.

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Why do you many people return to you?


We do have many returning customers.


I think it’s a product-market fit.


What we offer resonates with people.


I get reviews online from famous people saying how our shampoo bars helped them with their hair problems


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Why sell on your own site? Not on marketplaces?


For me it’s about control


On marketplaces, i can’t understand detailed customer behaviors


Like scrolling, interest and etc.


I also get to play by my own rules and do what makes sense to my business


Not pressured to reduce prices all the time.


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What’s one thing you tried and worked to grow your business?


We relied on word of mouth exclusively in the beginning


We wanted to experiment with social media marketing and we tried it


With the right help, we managed to 3x our sales within weeks


What’s one thing that you tried but failed growing your business?


I’m naturally product obsessed


I tend to create products that seem nice in theory  but no one really wants it in reality.


I created this bar that was half shampoo and half conditioner


I thought it was going to be a hit - but no one bought it.


If you have one piece of advice for entrepreneurs like you - what would it be?


The best product in the world doesn’t sell itself - so market well


A product is only a “hit” if people want it - so test it out.


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