All hail the email [ A review]

I've often had this unexplained idea that emails are outdated. I mean, there is so much more exciting way to advertise and connect with customers – social media, TikTok's, and even renting a page on a sketchy magazine. All those take effort, money and time – and somehow putting all that effort into marketing seems comforting. I mean, why would I rely on a free, accessible and fast platform like emails, right?

Well, think again. The truth is – CXL estimates that for every social media ad, or video out there, there are 4x more emails sent out. Meaning – emails are still a huge chunk of the action for the world of advertising and likely to stay that way.

So how do you go from being a noob to a powerhouse of email marketing? Read on:


  1. The consent dent


A simple concept but can get you in trouble if you choose not to adhere to it. I mean, it's tempting to simply just scrape emails off a website and blast all of these potential prospects with emails to convince them to buy from you. There isn't really an email police – so what's the issue?


Well – one word. “credibility”. What many people don’t know is email providers such as Google, Yahoo and Outlook actively filters and block emails from reaching customers if you sound “spammy” or even get reported by customers. So in other words, not getting consent actually screws you over when customers realize their emails have been breached and they report you with a flick of a click. So always get consent or risk getting booted out with email providers.


  1. Try to comply


Always check with your local regulation on specific email related regulations. For example, certain rules in certain countries require you still have an “unsubscribe” button at the footer of the email. In other countries, listing physical address is a must, and it must be a valid one too.


  1. Align and Shine


Communication continuity is critical in these multi-touchpoint e-commerce age. Having an alignment between your social media presence and email will help customers engage better and increase saliency with your brand. Remember, what gets repeated gets remembered. That’s just how the neurological construct of our brains work – let’s leverage it to our benefit.


  1. Test not guess


Every single email you send out is an opportunity to learn about your customers. What worked and what didn’t? what can you do to make things better? Take every opportunity in every email you send to test things that will put you above your competition. Some key areas you can test for:


  • Subject line
  • Pre-headers
  • Frequency of emails
  • Personalizations
  • Price/discounts/offers


  1. Data is the cheetah


Data is the key to making smarter and wiser decisions that will accelerate the growth of your email marketing. Let’s imagine a company that never really collected and analyzed their data on how to better engage their customers – what do you think will happen to them? Simple: they repeat the same mistake over and over again. Now contrast that will a company that meticulously collect, store and test their customer data – over time their success compounds and they’ll be way ahead of you.


  1. Copy is not sloppy


Ideally, you’d wanna create contents from scratch every week to wow your customers.The reality is – ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, let’s play it smart. Pick contents from your tweets, customers comments, your blog posts or videos to be used in your email marketing. It helps promote saliency and also reduce your workload to better find ways to engage your customers.


  1. Images are scrimmages

I know – you’re buzzfeed inspired and you think doing a buzzfeed style approach to your email marketing will help you boost engagements and immediately bring you millions of dollars in sales – wrong. Truth is, you’re assuming all your customers have enabled image by default features in their email providers. Outlook for example do not show images by default – meaning a gif only email will look nothing more than a bunch of “X”s. embarrassed? – well avoid it by having a balance of images and text to hedge your bets.


  1. Buy and die


Buying an email list is the sure fire way to get blocked by thousands of potential customers – making your email a direct line to the spam folder. Or even worse, blocked by email providers. Although, buying email list is technically not illegal – it still brings a huge problem for you. Taking a shortcut is not going to be way – ever.


  1. Mobile is noble


Almost 65% of emails are opened via mobile. Cut short, don’t screw up your mobile game. In fact, be mobile first and use that as your differentiating factor. Consider how your customers will interact with mobile before you design your email campaings. For example, stacking up buttons one on top of another is not going to be helpful on a mobile setting – read: fat fingers to click the wrong button and be annoyed and leave your email altogether.


  1. Check or wreck


Before sending any email out to your customer – please don’t forget to pre-view how the emails will look like in different layouts: mobile, tablet, apple, android and etc. this will ensure you get the best ROI for the emails you can send out. Skip this step and be embarrassed with customers unsubscribe or even better reply to your email with a complaint.


In summary, emails are still the powerhouse of marketing. Now that you know some key things you can do to make things better in emails – how are you going to apply it?


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